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Award-wining radiant heaters

Beautifully warm

Electric radiant heater like no other, giving you a warm inviting ambience plus peace of mind knowing you’ve chosen an energy smart and eco-friendly option.

Advanced technology

Advanced technology

HEATSCOPE® leads the market in radiant heating technology delivering comfortable, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient warmth. Our smart integration system provides convenient operation of multiple units at once from a remote or wall-mounted control.

Versatile designs

HEATSCOPE® features sleek, modern designs, and colors that seamlessly blend into any decor. A recent recipient of the Red Dot Design Award, HEATSCOPE® was built with beauty and functionality in mind, supplying warmth without the distraction.

Versatile designs
Natural feel

Natural feel

Unlike other systems that distribute heated air or emit an uncomfortable, high heat, HEATSCOPE® directly reaches people, floors, and furniture with an adjustable sun-like warmth. The air remains cool and clean, but you enjoy a natural and pleasant temperature.

Ambient glow

Compared to traditional heating systems that project an aggressive and overwhelming red glow, HEATSCOPE® displays a very low ambient light. HEATSCOPE® discreetly and silently delivers warmth without interrupting the ambiance of your space.

Ambient glos
Simplified installation

Simplified installation

HEATSCOPE® requires no gas connection, for a hassle-free install and minimal ongoing maintenance. HEATSCOPE® can be wall-mounted or recessed flushed into the ceiling. Weather resistant and IP certified, we have a system to fit every environment.